Birth Of The Stealth Assassin, Master Ninja


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Today is the golden day and the age of the The Master Ninja.  I begin my jounrey training towards greatness of being a Master Ninja.  The world shall never be the same again.  I will conquer with stealth, and masterful techniques.  There is no better way to start off by creating a Master Ninja Challenge and use my time wisely with my Master Ninja Training to rule supreme.  Watch out for me because I am a ninja, I tread steadily and silently through the night, and live my life in the shadows. 

Master Ninja Ari.


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Hi, I'm Richardo. I'm a New York City Creative Director, Producer, Photographer, and Writer. I love music, art, fashion, fitness, film, media and tech. I'm a Ninja. I love to create original content and make new friends. Follow @rawmultimedia View all posts by RawMultimedia

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