I Must Train On My “I Don’t Need It” Technique

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It’s 2011 and I want a lot of new gadgets that are dropping this year, but I must rule out some of the possibilities that exist.  My main goal is obtain a new windows 7 computer, an apple Mac Book or Mac Book Pro or Air, and lastly a new D-SLR Camera/Camcorder, notably the Canon T2i, Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 7D, or the soon to release Canon T3i in March 2011.

With that said, there are tons more gadgets I would love to get such as, Ipod 4 Generation, the new TouchScreen and Keypad Blackberry to be released later on in the year and also the Blackberry Playbook (tablet).  I mean there is more to add to the list, but those are my crazy wants for the year.  I know I can’t afford them, knowing I want to kill couple credit card accounts and pay back off my college loans, but hey I can also wish for them.  So of course those items are on my 2011 Wish List.

I also make a wish list each year, and though I might not get a certain item within that same year, I usually hold onto the list and cross out whatever I manage to obtain off the list once I can afford them.

Since I have so many masterful skills and techniques, I can actually manage to pull off obtaining these items, but that would go against closing credit accounts and college loans, and end up increasing my debt much more.  Even though I can always make the monthly payments, I still have to be realistic and do with out.  That is one of the first advice my mother gave me when I was a young boy, was that if I can’t afford it, or its is not given to me, or I have earned an item, that means I don’t need it.  If I do need it, then I must work that much harder to obtain it, and feel proud I made it happen for myself.  So train, train, and more training on the “I Don’t Need It” Technique, so I can have a successful and masterful year.

Master Ninja Ari


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